Adopt A Customer Support Bear

This internet thing is wonderful, allows a bear to access many things on a global scale, unfortunately, like taking honey from a beehive, it’s not without its downside.

No website (or bear) is 100% safe against attack from internet bugs (or bees) and as with all things digital there can be the odd unexpected crash. Our bears offer customer support designed to suit the diversity of humans on the world wide web. Baby bear will take care of novice users and bloggers, mama bear will mother the small to medium enterprise, and for the business user who wants to use their website as a serious tool we have, head of the house, Papa bear. Papa bear will keep your business website secure and protected while he guides you on the path to website success.

Our family of bears will keep your website up to date and prepared for any eventuality.

Choose a bear for your customer support.

Baby Bear


Per Month
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Access to Baby Bear’s Tutorial Video Library
  • 30 Minutes Email Support/Content Changes/posting a blog on your behalf, baby bear loves to help.
  • Time Rollover – If you don’t use your time this month, it rolls over to the next up to a maximum of 6 Hours.
I Want Baby Bear Support

Papa Bear


Per Month
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Access to All Tutorials and Video Libraries
  • Papa Bear’s Weekly Website Backups
  • Papa Bears No Nonsense Monthly Look At Analytics Traffic Performance Report
  • 4 Hours Phone/Email/Text Support or Content Changes
  • Time Rollover – If you don’t use your time this month, it rolls over to the next up to a maximum of 16 Hours.
  • Papa Bear Complete Website Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Extra 5% Off Cost of Time Packs
I Want To Buddy Up With The Big Guy

For any questions regarding our customer support pricing plans above, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Terminology Explanations

The core of the WordPress Content Management System is the very base programming which gives you the intuitive working system that we all know and love.

WordPress releases various updates to the core throughout the year and it essential for the security of your website that you should have our bears keep this is up to date.

The themes and plugins of your website are what gives it its sparkle, not only do they let us bears render great design features but are important to the functionality of your website.

Depending on the functionality of your website some of these additional features can be more complex coding than the core system and are just as prone as any website to vulnerability from those who wish to steal honey or do harm, keeping themes and plugins up to date and maintained is the best way to help our bear family combat attacks.

When you working at your blog and you forget how to do something or just need a quick reminder of how a feature works our support bears are the best place to start. We’ve put together some tutorials on how to do the basic things you have told us you need reminding of. It’s not easy to remember all the little boxes to tick when it’s been a month since you last looked at the site, this resource is available to our customers 24/7 and will guide you through most minor issues. If it’s not there now ask the bears how to, and we’ll make the tutorial.
Have your bear track user data from your website which will them the ability to produce statistical reports. Your support bear will send you an electronic pdf document giving you prearranged data metrics about the visitors to your website, including what country, what city, what device and how many.

your bear can also provide, at additional cost, traffic acquisition, visitor flow reports and many more specific metrics if required. See the Website Analytics section of our site.

Use this monthly time slot to have your bear do your bidding, be that posting blogs, changing/adding content or dealing with support issues. The choice is yours. Bears will carry time over from month to month to limits of 3 hours for baby bear 8 hours for mama bear and 16 hours for papa bear, this can be used in slots or for major overhauls.
Additional security bolt-ons for your added peace of mind. These guys make security especially for wordpress systems and then we bolster that with added server security. It doesn’t get any better than this.
Our bears will stash a copy of your website right at the back of the server cave, keeping safe all that hard work that went into building your website. How often the bears take a copy to the server cave depends on the bear you choose. The server cave is protective measure against hackers and those that would steal your content, you know the type, Goldilocks, hackers and the sorts. Choose the bear to protect your website to your protection level needs.
Additional cloud backup service so that even the server carriers fail your website data is safe on a high security cloud backup system.

Other Services We Offer

You can add to the great value you already get from our bears by buying prepaid time modules. the more time you buy the cheaper our bears become.

Find out about Time Packs Here

When you get your website up and running and feel that you want to push for some extra organic traffic via search results, this method takes time to bear fruit but something every serious online business should do.
See our section on Search Engine Optimisation
If you feel you want to get traffic for your website right away and you have the right product then Pay Per Click (PPC) may be the way to go for you. See our section on Search Engine Marketing.
If you are going to do either of the two methods mentioned above then you should be analysing the results, find out why on our Wesite Analytics Page
Whether it’s for a trade show or to give to customers who call to your premises having a brochure, designed to carry through the same look and feel as your website, gives you customer a seamless experience no matter what marketing media they are looking at. We also produce a digital pdf. version which can be emailed to customers while you talk them through your product over the phone. For more info see our Brochure Design section.
It is a well known and well proven fact that good pictures sell more product. We offer a professional photography service because we have a professionally trained photographer on our creative web design team. See Here for maore details.
When you’re marketing online video is the very best medium you can be using with three times the click through rate. If you put some fun into it and social media catch it your marketing can spread exponentially in hours. Every business online should be using video as an advertising medium, click here for more details on our video production.

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