Great Value Time Packs

You can add to the great value you already get from our bears by buying prepaid time modules. the more time you buy the cheaper our bears become.

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There are no limits to the way you use the time you buy, use it for SEO, SEM, website analysis or analytics research and reporting, our bears don’t mind. You can even use this method for major website overhauls and maintenance works or to have some photography, video or brochure work done.

Time Pack 12


  • 12 Hours of Time
  • Save on Time
Buy TP12

Time Pack 24


  • 24 Hours Of Time
  • 5% Discount
  • Save £30
Buy TP24

Time Pack 48


  • 48 Hours Of Time
  • 15% Discount
  • Save £180.00
Buy TP48

Time Pack 60


  • 60 Hours Of Time
  • 20% Discount
  • Save £300.00
Buy TP60