Analytic Reports Help You Decide Where You Should Spend Your Marketing Budget

Analytics reports help you decide where to spend you marketing budget

Analytic reports help your business get ahead.

So what is Digital Analytics and what can it do for your online business? Digital Analytics is data – The collecting of and the analysing of data gathered anonymously from visitors to your business online. The analysis of this data should be part of every decision regarding marketing the business including using the internet to send customers to your offline business. Without this data and the understanding of the information presented you are wandering around in the dark with a blindfold on.

How else can you know so quickly if what you are doing is working for your business? More importantly you can catch things that are not working before they drain resources and time. Campaigns and strategies can be watched closely and steered towards their goal by a knowledgeable analyst but this can only be done when you have access to the right information to make informed decisions.

Once data collection is set up on your website we can report to you on a wide variety of activity and how changes affect the flow of traffic to and around your website. Bottleneck pages and things that just haven’t had the desired effect can be corrected or bypassed when you know where the problem is.

Analytic reports help you decide where your budget pays. You will see which advertising works/ is worth paying for, and be able to cut out deadwood advertising draining money from your business with little or no return on investment. 

Whatever way you look at it digital analysis is an essential part of the digital business world. SEO and SEM/PPC campaigns rely on a solid knowledge of Analytics to guide them to be effective. Start by getting the tracking code on your website, the longer you are tracking your data the better.

Talk to us about your digital analytics even you don’t have your website with us we can help you get closer to your business goals by taking the guesswork out of knowing what works.

Don’t take my word for it!

This 9.5 minute video from Google explains the importance of digital analytics and how digital analytics allows you to make good decisions for your business online by removing the guesswork. 

Have A Look At Our Time Pack Offers

Taking your website to the next level as a serious marketing tool for your business takes time. Research, analysis and implementation for SEO and SEM are worth every penny from a ROI point of view but can eat up time. We have put together some money saving time packs. Buying a prepaid time in packs will save you money in two ways, first it avoids the block billing affect where our time is charged in 15 minute blocks and secondly we are thanking you for prepaying with incremental discounts.

There’s even more savings If you’re with Mama or Papa bear for support.

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