Facebook business pages to devalue in 2018

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Is your Facebook business page about to die a slow death?

In a statement¬†(<– Link) by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg it would appear that Facebook will further reduce the effectiveness of Facebook business pages in 2018, so what does this mean for your business?

The statement has left anger and confusion among business owners who have spent thousands of pounds building their brand and their following on Facebook. It is apparent that their posts will shortly be seen by less people and have less chance of interaction from followers of their business pages. I get the point, my news feed is no different, it’s been taken over by advertising posts. We have to look for the things posted by your family and friends. Facebook was built on the basis of being a way to connect and share with friends and family and appears that is what it will be again.

You will still get to advertise with Facebook with their paid, targeted advertising. This can be very good to bring your business into the view of new prospective clients but the days of free promotion on the platform are well and truly gone. Your business website in now more important than ever.

I always encouraged our clients to make their business website the hub of everything they do online but so many businesses in recent years have inclined toward having a Facebook business page INSTEAD of a website rather than as well as which I always considered a mistake for many reasons not least of which is that posts on social media are a fleeting glimpse into a business rather than a somewhere people can have a proper look at what you do. Like having a market stall but no permanent address.

Help is at hand

Don’t panic, if you are one of those businesses who will be badly hit by the new Facebook algorithm we can help you and we can use the work you’ve done on Facebook to get customers to your website. Get in touch for a free consultation and let’s see how we can help.