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Fix Google Analytic Spam Referral

Fix Google Analytics Spam Referrals

Would you like help to Fix Google Analytics Spam Referrals?
If you use Google Analytics to keep track of your website then you’ll know just how annoying spam referrals can be. Sites like or These websites and many others like them come up on your Analytics results increasing the “Bounce rate” and generally playing havoc with your results. If you’ve had enough of these spam referrals and would like your Google Analytics results to give you more accurate and useful results then let us get you back on track by filtering these sites out of your Google Analytics. 

We will filter your Analytics results to avoid showing over 450 spam referral websites. This will give you clean, accurate results and improve the reliability of your bounce rate and referral data.

To have us fix your Google Analytics results we’ll need access to your Analytics, we will talk you through how to do this. We’ll only need this access for a couple of hours after which you will start to see better quality data reports.

Make better decisions based on more accurate information.

Have us ditch that annoying spam referral data from your Google Analytics for just £35.

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