Half Price Offer Terms and Conditions

Hi there, if you are interested in taking advantage of our unbeatable half price website offer here are some terms and conditions you should be aware of:

  1. Your business should be trading no more than 12 months old and proof of this may be required.
  2. This offer includes time only, for basic website setup and some features, additional premium features will be added in full to the price. ie. If we need to buy a premium tool for a specific job we will agree this with you and pass this cost on to you. Installation will be included in your half price deal.
  3. You will be entitled to two 15 minute discovery sessions via online communication methods mentioned or a pre-arranged meeting, (broken up this way so as to give you time to think about what we ask you in the first one) after which we will give you a proposal for what we think you will need to service your business, including our web design time at half the normal price.
  4. Upon price agreement a 50% payment of agreed final price will be required to continue into development stage.
  5. It is the obligation of you the customer to provide all text, images and graphics for your website in digital format and in a timely manner prior to the commencement of website development unless otherwise pre-arranged and agreed with your BMS happiness engineer. We are happy to advise, just ask.
  6. Development will take place on a subdomain of Business Media Solutions where you will be able to view your new website when ready. Usually within 4 weeks – Depending upon the complexity of the website.
  7. Finally the balance, 50%, of the full agreed amount must be paid prior to your new website going live on your own domain.
  8. We advise all our customers to choose one of our support plans to keep their website maintained, up to date and secure.
  9. Half price offer extends only to website development and excludes all other services we provide. If you are in need of some photography we will sort you out with a reduced rate here also, after all we all want your business website to look it’s very best.
  10. Business Media Solutions reserve the right to not work with clients we deem unsuitable for our business ethics and should anything unlawful or unethical emerge at any stage of our contract we reserve the right to void our agreement without refund.
  11. This offer ends 31st December 2015 – First stage payment must be made by this date.