How much will a business website cost?

How much will a business website cost in the UK?

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How much will a business website cost in the UK?

How much will a business website cost? is probably the question I get asked most, usually at the start and end of every new website enquiry. I’m always reluctant to answer this question without knowing more, so on this page I will try to explain why.

First of all let’s stop thinking of your website as a business card or some other online inanimate shop window kind of thing and start to think of it like a member of your team, with a job to do. Your website is a marketing tool and the first thing you should do is give it it’s job description, what do you want your website to do for your business? What is it’s purpose?

I will talk about the different components that go into the making of a website, by breaking it down and explaining how it each part has a role to play, how all the components come together, where your money goes and why there is sometimes a big difference in quotes for business websites. For now lets get back to purpose, a website can perform many different roles depending on the business, if you have a shop for instance where the value of your product makes it something people will buy online then direct sales is likely to be the main objective, where your product is of higher value and perhaps something people will not buy online then your website may be purposed to generate leads. All of these questions and many more should be answered long before a website design is thought about as the answers to these questions will determine how your website is designed.

Maybe you’ve already got all these points covered, you know what purpose you want your website to perform and you’ve got your pages written and ready to go, or maybe not. A cheap web designer will put together a website for you and boom, your business is online, believe me when I say I’ve seen this done, I’ve done it myself, it’s going nowhere fast. The fact is that you will eventually come to the conclusion this money was wasted and you’ll probably blame the person you got to build your website for it being of no benefit to your business, the truth is it was destined to fail from the beginning, building the website is the last thing on the journey. Start out with discovery, even you already think you know what you want your website to do. A good website designer will ask you questions you may not have thought of and the answers may change the way you want to build your website.


Most people are not really sure why they want a website beyond the fact that as they have a business they should have a website to represent that business online. Expect to be asked all sorts of questions about your business, your market, your customers and your competition. I like to do discovery in stages, the first may only be 15 mins where I give you a list of very specific questions that will lead us in the right direction for the next stage and so on until we’ve covered the ground we needed to, this give you the time to think about the questions and me time to research the answers you’ve given between meetings. Once we have the information we need we can move forward to planning.


Probably the single most important aspect of building your website is the planning stage. This is so much more than deciding what to include on the pages and where it will go. Understanding your customer and their needs, the customer experience when you get them to your website, functionality, look, feel, colours, data collection. As with most jobs, preparation is the key to success. Having a digital marketing strategy will really focus your attention to what is being done, where and to what purpose, your website will be at the heart of your digital marketing efforts. Digital analytics should be built in to your plan as the reports will guide your marketing decisions based on results.

So how much will a business website cost?

Well so far we’ve covered a couple of essentials for your website, so what size is your business? How complex is the functionality of the website?

Keyword and competitor analysis

Do you know what people are searching for to find your type of business? In depth keyword analysis is the only way to discover the truth behind this question and although some would have you believe that keywords no longer hold any value I have proved otherwise, this is still an essential part of being found on search engines and leads me nicely on to content. Content, search engine optimisation and the knowledge gained from this research work together to make your website search engine friendly.

Content Creation

No matter how well you done in English when you were at school it is unlikely that you’ve put a lot of effort into your writing skills since then and although you may feel your copy would rival Ernest Hemingway the right words and tones to sell your product or service should be left to a professional copywriter. Good content is key to good search engine optimisation, well written copy will encourage prospective customers to do what you’re trying to get them to do on your site and while I encourage you to put a little of yourself across in your blog posts and other writing if you want the right words for the right effect leave this job to a professional copywriter.

Digital Analytics

With the age of digital data collection every click on the internet can be and is generally recorded. The knowledge where you customers are entering your sales funnel, how they travel through and at what point they exit can be invaluable information when it comes to making solid decisions regarding your website and it’s marketing strategy. Bad decisions can be caught early, good decisions fine tuned for cost efficiency. We filter this data, set goals, targets and advanced e-commerce setups, plan custom reports with micro conversion stats, this is when the data really comes into it’s own, launch your plan and watch the results almost immediately.

So how much will a business website cost?

I’m sure you’re starting to see why I’m reluctant to give you a quick price over the phone.

Logo Design

You’ve probably been in business for a few years and have a logo design, maybe even on your current website which you can lay your hands on fairly easily, in different sizes so we can put it on all sorts of different advertising mediums like in newspapers or on billboards. Great, you’re one of the few who realised how important this is and got it done properly the first time around. You knew that the one on your current website has been made to fit that website and is unlikely to do anything else. Brilliant, well done you. For those of you who didn’t get a graphic designer to do this job you’ll probably want one of these. A good graphic designer will cost you from £250 right up to £3000. You can go to sites like fiver but you will get something of low image resolution and end up looking for a graphic designer to copy or remake it later when you need a better quality logo image to go on a van or signage.


There’s nothing quite so impersonal when it comes to websites as stock photography, especially if your potential customer has been looking around at similar websites and comes across the same image! You could always take a quick run around leaning things against walls and take a snap with your phone though, right? Wrong! Like the writing, a professional photographer will bring things to your pictures that you will never do yourself. High quality product pictures are statistically proven to sell much more product, in the same regard even you’re selling a service, hire a professional photographer for half a day, he/she will make you look good, which will in turn sell your business better. Your photographer will supply you with pictures properly sized to meet your needs for all your different types of advertising media.


So now you’ve got all the ingredients you can start to build a website and you want someone who has the ability to put this all together to look great and be the best representation of your business you could hope for, but remember, this is not a piece of art, looking great is not enough. Understand your customer, put yourself in their shoes, think about the customer experience and the underlying functionality of how your website will work.


Once your website has been created it then needs to be transferred onto a server where it is hosted and made live on your domain name. We still haven’t covered email creation, maintenance or security.

How much will a business website cost in the UK?

Each and every business website is very different with different needs, purpose and functionality determined by the customer. For a very rough guide to what it might cost use the calculator below or do the sensible thing, lift the phone and talk to us. Making your business website work is what makes us tick.