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How to use a blog to boost traffic

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Do you blog? We want to show you how to use a blog to boost traffic to your website.

Your website can work in a lot of ways for your business, making online sales, showing off your product or getting more leads but no matter how good your website you need traffic, people to visit and engage. We want to show you how to use a blog to boost traffic and increase sales/leads/product awareness.

So where do you start? Start by asking yourself what interests your readers, your potential customers. If you sell cars for example the chances are that your customer will get all the details they need to know about the cars you sell from you website content but what about all the little details? How to connect their phone to their car for example. Perhaps you have a garden center, your customers would love some advice on aftercare, the best time to prune/plant out, what to feed for best results.

Both of these examples could include a short video and most phones will produce video of good enough quality for this job, you could include or introduce a new product through a “how to” blog, you don’t need to make a video but make sure you include plenty of pictures if you’re explaining how to do something.

Write about a subject you know and include points of action, invite your visitor to reply or to look at something else on your website, you can do this by including links in your writing, for example, if I was to talk about mobile responsive websites I might link that to content on my website relating to mobile responsive websites. The car dealer might talk about a hands free kit while explaining how to connect the phone to bluetooth with a link to the hands free kit in his online shop. Equally the garden center owner might use a certain type of pot to demonstrate something and link to the pot section of their shop. Either way your blog should not be a marketing exercise but instead be informative and invite interaction, once you have your reader on your website they will investigate more if they want to.

Post often, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down to write but when you see the analytics you’ll realise why it’s worth doing, keep note somewhere so you can jot down interesting titles and subjects when you don’t have time, to go back to when you do, I use Google docs, one of the tools I talk about in my free ebook which I will include at the end of this blog.

Share a link across your social media platforms and make sure your title is good enough to leave them wanting more, you want your potential customer to visit your website, to engage in conversation by leaving comments and preferably to share your content on to their friends.

Keep an eye on social media channels for news and trends that fit well with your business and write something on the subject while it’s still hot news. I have clients in the accommodation sector which would benefit from blogging when events are going on in their area, you can use your blog to piggy back of the publicity of a big well organised event in your area.

Include an invitation to become a subscriber, if people enjoy your writing and are interested in you subject matter they may want to see more from you, don’t leave them hanging, have a quick and easy way for them to subscribe to your blog so they can have your posts delivered to their inbox and increase your potential customer base.

Regardless of your subject matter don’t let your blog become a chore, if you enjoy writing it I believe this comes across in your writing. If you can, get into a routine of blogging weekly/fortnightly/monthly and if it becomes a chore try letting another member of staff take over for a while or invite guest bloggers from partner type businesses, or you can hire a freelance professional writer to write some blogs for you but remember nobody knows your business or your customers like you.

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Thanks for reading, Mark.

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