Is social media right for your business?

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Many businesses at some point create pages on social media for a range of different reasons, maybe your competitor has a page so you felt you had to have one or someone told you how you are missing out on the wave of free advertising. So now you have a page what are you doing with it? How does it fit into your overall marketing strategy? Does it meet a need for your customers?

Whilst most businesses can make social media work for them some just don’t need to be on social media at all. Bad social media management can be as detrimental to you business image as a well managed page can be beneficial.

First and foremost social media is not a sales tool. It’s a way for your customers to engage with your business. When people log on to social media, for most, it is a way to relax and catch up with friends and get the latest gossip, if you constantly bombard their news feed with business promotions they’ll soon get tired of being sold at.

Customer engagement is key to your business page success and what you put on your page should encourage engagement. Information that is different, news, funny, easily read, solves a problem and something they’ll want to share with their friends, be creative. A good mix of content related to your product/service that isn’t trying to sell anything with a little bit of sales now and again.

Good content however can take some work so where’s the benefits to you? Not only is what you publish important but how you publish is equally important. If it’s one liners then direct to your social media page is where you publish but for something you put more time and effort into you should publish to your blog and share via your social outlets. Where did you see this post? Chances are you saw it on one of my social media pages and clicked through to read it here on my website, now you’re here you might have a look around, if not now maybe next time, the thing is now that you’re on my website I have more chance to get you to read the other information I would like you to see and hopefully if you need one of my services you’ll remember this site. Doesn’t it make sense to have a customer come to your site to read rather than a social media site.

Customers rarely buy anything the first time they come to your website, infact seven or more interactions is generally thought to be what it takes for a potential customer to think about buying your product or service so your blog pushed out to your social channels should be a great first contact.

Use the comments below to tell us what your business does and how do you find social media works for you?