Mobile Responsive Web Design

Is your website a mobile responsive web design?

With over 50% of internet users viewing your website on mobile phones or tablet devices it is essential that your website is responsive to the device they are using. Non responsive website design doesn’t work well on mobile and table devices and sometimes doesn’t work at all.

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What does mobile responsive web design do differently?

When someone clicks into your website from a mobile or tablet device a responsive web design changes the layout and design to best suit the device and the operating system it is being viewed on, giving your customer the best experience possible and increasing the chances of them remaining on your website.


Two years ago mobile devices accounted for somewhere around 10% of internet users. One year ago that figure had more than doubled to 24% and in 2014 the figures are at and over the 50% mark. With this knowledge it is easy to see why your web deign must be mobile responsive and touch screen enabled. Mobile customers have a much better user experience when your web design is mobile responsive and are much more likely to stay on your website and follow your sales funnel to purchase. Text is clearly readable, pictures fitted to width and the menu tucked neatly away but easy to access when you need it.


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