Lough Erne House Rental website project

Lough Erne House Rental

Business Media Solutions Website Design

When the owners of this property came to us they wanted a modern clean website to replace the outdated and non responsive website they had. They had got a professional photographer in when the property was first bought to get some promotional photographs done. They also wanted some new photographs taken as the house had changed a little since the last ones were taken. As always we were happy to oblige and we finished up with a wealth of material …

Glenmore Manor website project

Glenmore Manor

Business Media Solutions Website Design

¬†We were asked by the owners of Glenmore Manor to come up with a creative solution to their website problems. They had been abandoned by their previous webmaster who wouldn’t respond to phone calls, emails or any other forms of communication. Once we found him and got back control of our clients domain name we could deliver the website they wanted, hosted on our servers. Key features as with any hospitality industry website were to get their great tripadvisor ratings …