Search Engine Optimisation For Your Website

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important things you can do for your business website in the medium to long term.

Search Engine Optimisation

There is always a buzz and a lot of talk about SEO or search engine optimisation and this should tell you that it is something of importance to your website.

What does it do?

Search engine optimisation is, in its simplest form, a way for you to help the search engine bots find the right thing for their customer as easily as possible. As you can see any time you use a search engine to look for something it returns thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of results so how does the search engine know which are the most relevant results for you, so it can put them on the first page or top of the search results returned? You got it, search engine optimisation. The search engine knows what you are looking for is there because someone has laid a path to what you are looking for and made it easy for the search engine to find, in other words they have optimised it for the search engines.

There are other methods of getting people to your website and if unlike most businesses you have an unlimited advertising budget you can just fire money at advertising on other websites that get large numbers of visitors, however, with this method the minute you stop paying money the traffic flow to your website stops with it.

Business Media Solutions research your market sector and your locality of the world to find out how to tweak this search engine optimisation even further, we customise what we do for your business, your market sector and your product, fine tuning by result based analysis to get you the very best value for every pound you spend on optimisation.

Why does your website need search engine optimisation?

Having a website without optimising it for search engines is a bit like having a shop in a tiny village with no through road, and never advertising. While the people who live and work in the village will know about your shop, not many others will and your will lose out on a lot of potential revenue because of it.

So what is search engine optimisation(SEO)? In short it is the preparation of every element of your website to be labeled in such a way as to be as close as possible to what your potential customer will search in “Google” or “Bing” or “Yahoo” or any other search engine. This is an ongoing process for several reasons

  • Search engine algorithms are being changed to suit how people are searching for things.
  • Search trends change.
  • What people type to find things changes with the trends.
  • Technology changes
  • SEO takes time, it will be a couple of months before you see the effects, then it may not be the effect you wanted.
  • SEO is not an exact science, NO ONE is privy to the algorithms used by search engines.

Mobile phones becoming smartphones with access to the internet and voice search has had a huge impact on SEO.

As with most things SEO all starts with research. Finding your customers and what they are searching is key to the process. I won’t get too deeply into our methods only to say this process is worth doing especially alongside other ranking methods.


Have A Look At Our Time Pack Offers

Taking your website to the next level as a serious marketing tool for your business takes time. Research, analysis and implementation for SEO and SEM are worth every penny from a ROI point of view but can eat up time. We have put together some money saving time packs. Buying a prepaid time in packs will save you money in two ways, first it avoids the block billing affect where our time is charged in 15 minute blocks and secondly we are thanking you for prepaying with incremental discounts.

There’s even more savings If you’re with Mama or Papa bear for support.