search engine optimisation analysis

Website Performance Analysis Review

Website performance analysis review to determine areas for improvement within your current website strategy.


The internet is an ever changing place as Google and other search engine algorithms change. The latest major changes to the Google algorithms have been in response to changes in technology. The devices people use to access the internet and your website have changed and so has how they search, voice search where people talk to their devices, usually a mobile phone or tablet, means searches are now going to Google by way of questions. Location has also become a major factor in the results returned to the person searching, the closer you are to the person who searches the higher you will come in the results, providing all the other factors are in place.

Search engine optimisation analysis

These changes happen very quickly and with little warning, what worked a couple of years ago may not work now, it is a constant game of cat and mouse to make sure your website is optimised for all the major ranking factors of the latest search engine trends. This means you should be regularly assessing your business website and when you have a business to run and day to day obstacles to overcome it’s almost impossible to keep up with these changes let alone make all the necessary adjustments.

So what do you do now to catch up and make sure your website and your on-line business is working at maximum efficiency?

That is why we offer a performance analysis, we can study how your website is performing and recommend changes in areas that will increase your organic search engine rankings by optimising the parts of your website that matter most as the search engines see it.

We’ll give you a full report when we have finished your website performance analysis review. Broken down and explained with suggestions for improvement if an area is found weak for the current search engine algorithms. We specialise in search engine optimisation and search engine marketing, if you have a realistic budget and you want to get on the front page of search results for specific keywords we will do that for you but you should alway be building your organic optimisation along side.