What are your thoughts on Google Plus?

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Google plus, your thoughts?

The question has to be asked as to why Great Britain and Ireland seem reluctant to use the Google plus social networking tool. We use it and would greatly applaud some of its features, hangouts for instance give you conference calls allowing up to nine people to chat, hold meetings with your customers or generally just hang out with your friends, you can even go live with these hangouts on air via its YouTube integration.

Then there are the business pages which allow you to easily add your business to Google pages and verify your business You can sort your connections into circles which gives you a way to share certain things with certain people but not with others. Google Drive documents – Sharing and editing documents together…………….. The list goes on.

So before I start sounding like a Google seller I would love to hear you opinions on Google plus. Do you use it? What do you think about the whole Google system? How much of it do you use? Drive? Analytics? YouTube?

These are all very useful tools for your business and they are all tools given *free by the people who own the worlds biggest search engine, I would love to hear why you are reluctant to use use them if this is the case, and equally so if you use all these things and think they are great for your business share it with us so that others might learn.

Thanks for taking the time to read the mutterings……….. Have a good day ­čÖé

*Enough of the Google tools are given to start a SME on the Google path and if you find these are a great benefit to your business you can extend your usage via Google sellers, These are Google trained people who can help set up Google systems to suit all your business needs.

Memeonics are an award winning Google for work partner. We work with them and we have no hesitation in recommending them to others for your Google products.