Where is your digital media files

Where will you find your digital marketing materials?

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Where are your digital marketing materials?

You know, the pictures and text you would use for marketing your products and business.

There are very few of us in the world today who don’t use computers to store pictures and type our text. If someone was to ask you where those pictures and words were you’d probably be confident in saying “they’re on my computer” and lets face it, computers never let us down, do they?

I can almost hear the collective groan as you all recall the occasions on which you have lost work due to a computer memory failure. It has taught a lot of us the value of backing up our data but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. How many hours have you wasted looking for specific data every time it comes to producing a new piece of marketing?

Even those businesses with relatively well organised file systems spend hours looking for pictures and rarely have the text stored in an easily found folder (if at all) when asked to provide the materials for making their marketing media. It always seems to be a nightmare to find when someone like me asks for it and a lot of the time it can be quicker to retake pictures and rewrite the text than to trawl for hours through files and folders on heavily laden computers.

Computers and the digital age is not going away, so it is definitely time to get your digital marketing materials and business promotional data in order. If you take pictures for the purpose of advertising your products or business the likelihood is you’re doing it for a campaign or a website/brochure so you can label the folders properly at the time and it’s no problem later but lets go one further, digital memory is cheap, you can buy a 1TB drive for under £50 so go all out and buy 2, maybe it’s an Irish thing but I like to be sure to be sure. Label these drives marketing materials 1 and 2. Use them for nothing else!

Drive 1 should live in the office and be used only to store the pictures and text for your marketing, drive 2 should live somewhere else and be brought in after new material is stored on drive 1 only long enough for drive 1 to be backed up onto drive 2 whereupon you can put drive 2 back in its off site location. Some of my clients leave one of the drives in my office and keep the other one in their office, that way we both have the same copy of all their marketing material when we discuss new ventures over the phone and the drives are safely in different locations, next time they visit they bring their drive and we sync them.

If you do not have a lot of advertising material or you have good broadband speed then there is an alternative in cloud storage, Dropbox.com or Box.com are two that I use, folders and files are easy to share on both and the vendor takes care of backups.

I know all this stuff is duller than watching paint dry but believe me, the next time you come to put together a website or a brochure it will save you hours by having well labeled marketing folders separated from the rest of the data on your day to day hard drives.

Like the pile of files in the corner of an office it can be a daunting and time consuming task to do but once you get a system in place finding your digital data to go on your marketing materials becomes a breeze and you have everything you need very quickly regardless of what you go to do.


Get your business marketing materials in order, sooner rather than later, the more you accumulate the worse it will be when you’re eventually forced to take action. Marketing matters so your digital marketing materials and the accessibility of them matter.

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