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Your Business Marketing 2014 Part 2

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Business Marketing for 2014 part 2

In part 1 we looked at the importance of planning your business marketing strategy and a little bit about how to do that. In part 2 I want to discuss how to track the results and how this can change your strategy.

Like everyone when you start using the internet to promote your business you want to know if people are coming to your website.

With WordPress there are some simple analytics build into the dashboard. A simplified version of Google analytics can integrate into the same dashboard to give you “at a glance” reports.
Google Analytics is free, comprehensive and customisable. It has the ability to produce custom reports so you get to filter the exact information you want.
Whilst the features within Google Analytics give you a great variety of options it can be daunting to use. Anything that provides this many options and varying reporting capability usually is.
Well worth the attention as it could save you hundreds of pounds on your business marketing budget.
If you can’t do the analytics yourself, get it done for you and start the process of gathering information.
Once you have some data, analyzing the information you have to see where you can start saving.
Track every piece of business marketing you can.
All on-line marketing or digital marketing is trackable. Filter out your own IP address so that you and your staff are not counted in the statistics, everything else you should track.
Once you have a few months worth of results you should start to see where your business marketing budget is working, and where it is not. If you can see a lot of traffic coming from some of your advertising, these are working. A low click through rate from others. You know which one is a good return on investment and which one you either need to change or drop.
Analytics will also help you see your customer landing page and where they went from there. If you see that they go to a certain point and then exit in large numbers then this page is a choke in your website and needs attention. It may be badly written, hard to read content or broken links. Whatever it is, looking at your analytics reports will make you aware of the problem and point you to where it is.
In printed media you cannot track how many people have came through your website as a result of the ad. What you can do is insert a trackable QR code along side the traditional advertising. This will facilitate the ever growing trend in mobile internet usage.
Analytics are essential to any on-line business marketing plan. This will show you exactly what works for you and what does not. Over time this supply of information needs checked and analysed . Create custom reports to report on the information important to you. The changes you need to make should become clear.

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